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SciFi - Blakes 7

Blake's 7 is a British science fiction series from the late seventies. This gallery contains my models of spaceships from that series.

Another Liberator-image

Much better texturing this time...
Liberator, above a Mars-like planet

I know, it's a bit dark and the fog is too bright...
But I still like this picture somehow :-)
Liberator, orbiting a planet (again :-)

But this time, the new model... Still some problems with the textures however..
Liberator, flying away

There are some problems with the textures on the sphere...

A little more detailed than the previous version... But still not finished.
Liberator, surrounden by nebulae

I added noise to this image to make it look more like a photograph...
Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the original version.
Liberator, orbiting a planet

Again that old model...
Pursuitship in Asteroid-field

I made this image actually to test my custom-lens-effect...

It never gets boring, does it? :-)
Liberator is flying away... Again...

Sort of a remake of the old Star One-image... Although I forgot to add the lensflare of Star One...
So it's more of a remake of the old flying-away-image :-)
And again: the Liberator

Looks a bit like the very first view of the Liberator :-)
Star One

The Liberator, approaching Star One
This is a very old model of the Liberator, based on the first version I made (which I lost in a HD-crash...)