P.O.V.-Place II


Old - Test-scenes

Another subsection on my old gallery was called "Test-Scenes". Although I could have put those images in the Experiments-subsection, I decided to put them in this seperate gallery.


The nose is better in this image. But the lips are too low.

My previous blobby head wasn't very good, so I tried to make a new one.
Media-, blob-, lathe- and crackle-test.

If you look real close, you can see a black line in the candle, right where the container of the flame intersects with the candle-object.
Macro- and media-test.

The frame is constructed with a macro.

I was trying to make a head with blobs. Not perfect at all, but it looks like a head, doesn't it?
Caustics test

These are 'radiosity-caustics'. No photons were used, only rather high radiosity settings.
Cel-shader test

A simple test of a cel-shader I made.

On my quest to realistic clouds, I came up with this image. That strange thing underneath the clouds is a height_field sea.
Great balls of fire! :)

Another shader-test, inspired by H.E. Day's Christmas animation.
Subsurface Scattering test

Green wax-texture.
Subsurface Scattering test

stone texture, marble or something like that
Subsurface Scattering test

skin-like texture
Fur take 2

Using 1 blob this time. And a new fur-shader

Using 2 blobs (one as "shell"-blob) and 2 "fur"-shaders

Using 64 bicubic_patches, textured in a "hairy" way :)

To see if glows could be used to create an explosion-effect...
Another radiosity-test...

One can never play too much with radiosity :)

I was trying to make a rotational bezier-like patchy object... Or something like that :)

The water uses angle-dependant-reflection. The clouds are layered spheres.

Blurred reflection is a feature a wanted a long time. In fact, my very first post in a newsgroup was about how to do this in POV-Ray :-)

Trying to make a realistic hair-simulation...
I don't remember how many hairs there are, but it's somewhere around 20000 hairs... Still not enough to create a realistic hairy look...

Almost the same code as my previous glow-flame-image, but I used another glow_type (now it's glow_type 3) and other colors. Looks much better IMHO.
"50-300mm Zoom.lfx" - test.

A test-image of my LFX-file. There's something wrong with the isosurface (the astroid). It looks like my max_gradient is too low, but it should be high enough. Odd...

A strange effect using only the crackle-pattern.
Yet another Mobius-ring...

Although this one isn't really a mobius-ring: it has a well-defined in- and outside.

The sea and the island are both displacementwarped-granite-pattern-isosurfaces.

My second try with displacementwarps. Looks a bit like boiling mud, or so..

My first try with displacementwarps.

I was trying to make a realistic glass-texture. The left one uses a pigment of rgb <1,1,1,.9> and a magenta-absorbing media. The right one uses a pigment of rgb <0,1,0,.9>. I think the left one is much more realistic.

Uhm... Well, it was supposed to look like a sphere... :-)

Credits for the radiosity-settings go to Gilles Tran. I just made this strange image using his settings.

It's actually the first time I used the mandelbrot-pattern. Warning: this is a rather big image!
And another one.

Again, while-loop-controlled object.
Another Mobius-ring.

At least, I think it's a mobius-ring, I'm not really sure :-)

A while-loop-controlled object with while-loop-controlled colors. Again :-)

I wanted to see if glows are a good way to make flames. Not perfect, but nice anyway.

Playing with media, I came up with this plasma-like effect.
"50-300mm Zoom.lfx"-test.

I changed Colefax' lensefcts.inc so that a lenseffect is always brighter than the environment. Both flares in this image are the result of playing with the options of my LFX-file.
Glows- and while-test.

Actually a while-loop-controlled object made of while-loop-controlled colored glows.

The lips are better positioned, but the nose looks a bit short, I think...
Blob- and crackletest.

It's supposed to look like an ant. Hey, it's my first blob-model :-)