P.O.V.-Place II



Over the years I designed some logos and splash-screens. Some of them were used, other weren't. Here you can view most of them.

For some years now, I've been dreaming about making a movie. It's going to be a parody on The Terminator and its sequels and will be set in Leuven. The title will be "De Ludinators" which would translate into the even so meaningless "The Ludinators" :p (It actually has a meaning, but to understand that, you need to know about Kotnet, the student network here in Leuven, and Ludit, the universitary service center of, uhm, computerstuff :))
This is the splash-screen of the latest episode in the Axiebal-series: Axiebal 7.
I also made many of the sprites used in the game, most of them using POV-Ray.
This is a cover for a CD-ROM. I'm not exactly sure what the content was, but I suppose it contained all the full versions of our games. Idee Software is the software company that published B-7, of which you can see the logo below.
A simple logo for a website: "HiP - 'Hier is't'-Planner", which means more or less "HiP - 'Here't is'-Planner" :)

(although HiP actually stands for "Hier is't Plezanter", which means, uhm, "This place is actually a lot more fun than most places", or something like that :))
After merging with another Alliance, still in OGame, F.N.A.C. got renamed into F.N.C.C.: Federal Net Of Crazy Colonies, which asked for a crazy-coloured logo in the same style :)
There is a very fun and addictive online game called OGame. Players can group into Alliances.
This is the logo of our Alliance: F.N.A.C.: Federal Net of Allied Colonies.
Another version of the Berserk-logo, 'slightly' inspired by the second logo of Blake's 7 :)
The game B-7 was supposed to have a sequel. One of the names considered for the sequel, was "Berserk". It never got made, although I still hope to do so... one day... :)
The logo is reversable, meaning that if you turn the logo 180, it looks exactly the same.
B-7 (Dutch site) is a game my brother and I made about 10 years ago. It was heavily based on the British science fiction series Blake's 7. This is a 3-D version of the logo we used in the game.
After 10 years of Idee Software, we decided to do a remake of our first game, Aktie Bal. The Remake was called aXiebal 2004 (and is completely free! :))
I must admit however that the text wasn't done with POV-Ray :)
The sequel of aXiebal 2004 was called aXiebal Winter and this is what the splash-screen looks like :)

Again, the text was done in post-processing by my brother.