P.O.V.-Place II


Most of my POV-Ray images can be found here. To organize things I use the following sections:

ExperimentsThis gallery contains non-finished test-images that are made more for experimental than artistic reasons.
IRTCHere you can find my entries in the IRTC competitions.
LogosOver the years I designed some logos and splash-screens. Some of them were used, other weren't. Here you can view most of them.
Old - Misc-scenesMy old site contained a gallery called "Misc-Scenes". Here you can view them.
Old - Test-scenesAnother subsection on my old gallery was called "Test-Scenes". Although I could have put those images in the Experiments-subsection, I decided to put them in this seperate gallery.
SciFi - Blakes 7Blake's 7 is a British science fiction series from the late seventies. This gallery contains my models of spaceships from that series.
SciFi - OwnThis gallery contains some scifi-stuff that I designed myself :)
SciFi - Star WarsA must in computer graphics: Star Wars spaceships :)