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Millennium Falcon

During my exams in 2000 I made a 3D model of the Millennium Falcon. However, it never got finished and now, 7 years later, I don't understand the sourcecode anymore :)

So... the best way to finish a model you started years ago, is to start all over again. And that's exactly what I'm doing now.

Step 1: basic shapes, started 3 March 2007, finished 6 March 2007

The first step is building the basic shapes of the Falcon. I found some very interesting blueprints (PDF, 463KB) which I used as a reference, resulting in these images:

Step 2: detailing, started 6 March 2007

My previous version of the Falcon never got finished, like I said, and I think one of the reasons is what I recently read on a page on ketzer.com:

I find there's always one "problem" when you build a model from scratch: When you first start it, it goes real fast. After a couple of days you already have something that looks like an unfinished Millennium Falcon. It's very rough, but since you've been working with big parts, you have an impressive model. Then, as you work along, the parts get smaller and smaller. You put more and more hours into the model but you don't really see as much progress. And weeks later, you still have an unfinished Millennium Falcon model. And months later: an unfinished Millennium Falcon model!

I think, the best way to avoid that, is to start detailing entire sections, starting with small sections, and to not continue working on other section untill the section you're working on is fully detailed.

1. Cockpit, started 6 March 2007, finished 12 March 2007

Please remember that, for now, I'm just *modeling* the Falcon. Texturing will happen afterwards.

(If anyone is interested, here's the source so far: falcon-20071203.pov)

1. Cockpit Tube, started 16 March 2007

updated: 16 March 2007, created some macros that made it easier to make the "hull creases"

updated: 17 March 2007, added the basic creases in the front section of the cockpittube