P.O.V.-Place II


SciFi - Own

This gallery contains some scifi-stuff that I designed myself :)

And again, a random-generated planet :) With improved clouds and atmosphere.
A second test of my planet-generating system. Better clouds, faster atmosphere (although it only works in MegaPOV now). Not yet perfect, but getting closer :)
I'm working on a system that can create earth-like planets at random. The clouds still need some work, but I think I'm on to something :)
A big ship
The moon
Earth and sun
An asteroidfield
A spacestation
Another spacefighter
Some sort of speederbike
and again...

Different view :)
Berserk again

Slightly updated. (With the spacefighter, for scale :))
Space fighter

Not very original, but hey :)
Made with blobs.

This is a spaceship, inspired on the Liberator from Blake's 7.
SaD-Force, a robot designed by me (nickname SaD) and Johnny Rymenans (nickname G-Force)
An alienship, based on Queen Amidala's ship from The Phantom Menace
The Earth again
A freighter
An alien-fighter
The same big ship, with some textures and more detail
A simple spacefighter