P.O.V.-Place II


A brief history of POV-Place

A long time ago, 1995 to be exact, I bought a CD-ROM called "Raytrace! The Official POV-Ray CDROM". The CD-ROM contained POV-Ray version 2.2, and lots of tools, images, and other stuff.

After years of pov'ing I decided to make a site. It was going to be called POV-PALACE, but I made a typo and it became POV-PLACE. The first version of the page was place somewhere on a free hosting-service. It was a very simple, static, pure html-site. But then they decided to stop their free service, so I had to move the site.

Instead of just moving it, I decided to rewrite it using PHP, which made it easier to maintain. Yet still, there has not been an update of that site for almost 2 years now.

Why? Because I never was happy with the layout, and I was too lazy to make another, better, layout. But now I did. It's still not perfect, but I think I'm finally going the right way

Since it's the first layout-update, I decided to give it a new "version-number", so now it's no longer called "POV-PLACE" but "P.O.V.-Place II".

I hope you all enjoy this site, and maybe even find something useful here?